26 April, 2011


The Aurora from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Lights dancing in the sky,
Mind and logic goes blank with a sigh,
Staring and wanting that inner escape,
To a bliss once remembered when memories still could shape.

Calling on the voice that resides inside us,
This intense longing that becomes infectious,
Bellowing out with all its might,
At long last that inner fear takes flight.

Celestial yonder oscillates unceasing,
Spins a message that life is teeming,
Greeting with drums in tune with that song,
That has been playing in your ears all night long.

I Climb...

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

I climb this mountain to reach the stars,
So much illumination, could it be headlights from cars?
Could the waves really bounce like so?
Could the raging lights above come down here below?

Clouds part like Moses commanded it to,
Plants move in motion from some wind that blew,
Imitating life as if in jest of what we humans are,
Completely oblivious to such awesomeness that ain't so far.

Sometimes I wonder if the world is like a fridge,
Freezing the elements that stand poise to boil over this bridge,
What links us from here to eternity,
Standing against all odds for as far as the eyes can see.

I climb this mountain again looking for clues,
For much there is in life that demands so much dues,
For once can't we shout "Enough!" and raise our hands to say,
That we have made it this far, no other than my way.

Like shooting stars stream from end to end,
Making trees look tall, and streams to bend,
Break that concrete that seems to cement,
The fallacies that delude us which quickens our descent.

 I now climb down this mount with relief and sigh,
That beckons me to wave and say my goodbye,
I shall return again to that all familiar place,
where I could rest and rejuvenate with peace on my face.

25 April, 2011


Gambaran hidup disinari matahari,
Ribuan warna membanjiri sanubari,
Kagum melihat keajaiban alam,
Terfikir sejenak hidup sendiri yang semacam.

Tidakkah kamu insaf untuk dosa-dosa yang membukit?
Tidakkah kamu khuatir akan hukum hakam dari Ilahi di langit?
Bertaubatlah kamu sebelum terlambat untuk diubat,
Insaflah dengan segera sebelum nak henti pun tak sempat.

Begitu senang hidup kita dinoda,
Dengan pukauan manis yang disalut dusta,
Hambanya rasa jika dapat pula,
Mengawal diri sebelum jadi alpa.

Tekan kelik alat di tangan,
Ilusi indah ditangkap dan disimpan,
Membuka dan melihat apa yang lepas kembali,
Gambar dipapar depan mata dan juga dihati


Being there to settle the score,
Doing the job wanting some more,
Thinking its all beauty and ideal,
Once you're in you might think its a done deal.

What do you know when you get in?
Things aren't what they seem within,
When outside, you'll fail to see,
The external walls paint false wannabes.

Goals and aspirations tense our will,
Hearts a flutter, nothing is still,
Aching to attempt the big leap,
Praying and hoping all that we'll reach that heap.

Upon arrival, all seems good,
But as time goes by, situations change as much as they could,
Reluctantly accepting one fault at a time,
Till boiling point has reached good tastes comes with lime.

Now the will goes reverse against the flesh,
That we could change back as our objectives clash,
If not only I were given the sands of time,
Going back to take whats good to bring back the old chime.

If only, i would should and could,
Throw back all thats taken and bring back the wood,
To try once again to right the wrongs,
And bring old memories back to life & joyful songs.