30 March, 2011

Forgive Or Not to Forgive...

To err is human, to forgive divine,
So says some, and so was mine,
But when it happens, i can't say,
How fury & rage be kept at bay.

So we plead with Him, the only One,
Who can forgive, let mercy be done,
At some small corner, where we can't hide,
A space in between, in which we decide.

That as dusk and dark shrouds the sky,
Before life ends, before we die,
We let it be and release the pain,
and grasp for peace, may calm regain.

And hope for that whom we forgave,
Shall learn their lesson, themselves to save,
For God is great, great teacher of love,
Amend all anger, store treasures above.

27 March, 2011

Itula laguku

Merdu sungguh seruanNya,
Dengarlah, ingatlah sabda Allah Bapa,
Kepada umat dan insan taatlah selalu,
Sesungguhnya beroleh rezeki, doa direstu.

Musim berpuasa, mengerjakan amal,
Kemaafan dipinta, dosa tidak berkekal,
Walaupun susah bertaubatlah sahaja,
Moga jadi baik dan teladan kepada semua.

Begitulah sahaja seruan kami,
Kesederhanaan itu sangat dipuji.
Walaupun dahaga, Yesus berpesan,
Hati jangan keras, berdusta itu jangan.

Pride, Humilty

Oh, why art thou pride prying my conscience,
breaking my inner peace, testing my patience,
guilty and wronged do i feel now,
after all that I've committed, till i break my vow.

sorry is all that i have to say,
great what am i to do for feeling this way,
Rebuke and mockery now arraign in my face,
There is nowhere to hide, not one safe place.

so refrain and abstain do i take charge,
to keep still my blabber, chain the devil at large,
so i can redeem my name and respect,
to put right the wrongs, to get all dots to connect.

so once again i can heave a sigh,
that i don't end up all high and dry.
hear me O God for this i intercede,
Only you O Lord, is all that i need.