07 May, 2013

Look close and see

White is the colour we see whenever we want to drink milk,
Brown is the sugar we use as gula melaka in kuih's ilk,
Yellow is the fruit that we eat for a breakfast made fit for kings,
Black is the colour we like that blends with almost all things.

Hate is the expression we make when confusions suddenly occur,
Guilt is the feeling we have when words misplace and reasonings slur,
Forgive is the want that we need to restore the union of everlasting peace,
Friendship is urgently needed to return to those days affectionately missed.

So long have we lived together knowing all likes and nots,
Why must mere words uttered cloud all emotions and our thoughts?
Does it matter whose race we are after 56 years of struggle?
When Malaysians have always been, the true race that matters to all people?

Look close and see what is right away from all disturbing delusions,
Things don't seem what might be from the so called surface conclusions,
The truth will prevail at the end of this long arduous journey,
So then we will act to break free and unite which we always have and eternally will be.

- ALKH -