02 July, 2011


Sometimes i wonder if it is this thing i did it right,
Sometimes I fumble still and scared my choices will or might,
Bring low esteem and curse my soul with all that makes it wrong,
The big unknown is what i fear compared to what i knew all along..

But then if I don't try, then i don't think i would not ever know,
That this would have led to something that would make me wanna go,
So this mystery is really black and its like pandora's box,
To which our dreams lay unfulfilled till time to break all locks.

So why is it I worry still, frowning at every choice,
And clouds my mind and confuse me more with so much awful noise?
Sometimes I wish this wasn't time and force me to decide,
Sometimes maybe we must do this to have a clearer sight.

Go forth...Eaorlingas!!!