26 March, 2010

Just For Laughs

I like this one.
Caption reads: "...Cats are so dramatic...."

I agree ... Hahahahahaha!

21 March, 2010

High Tea @ PJ Hilton

Yesterday Saturday noon, family and I dined @ Paya Serai restaurant @ PJ Hilton.
The international buffet was fantastic! Though of course, nowadays, not wishing to be a glutton (as I occassionally do) or gorge me self silly with tonnes of food round visits - I took bite sized morsels of each dish to get a nice wholesome feel of everything.

Surprisingly for a school holiday weekend, it was not very packed compared to the last 2 weeks before, where we had to queue to enter the restaurant. Less man, more share then!

All thanks to Max's vouchers that we've got, we managed 2 treats out of it. Per person RM48 ++ (RM55.20 nett) so its quite a steal, though am not too sure if i'd chip in me own cash to go for such a buffett. Eversince the diet era began, buffet's are no longer appealing.

We then walked over to the Kraf tangan display where we saw the usual manik beads, and the Sarawakian anyaman, though sadly no sight yet of my beloved Iban/Kadazan shield. The group started their journey from Jalan Conlay; now here @ Hilton to do their craft tours before they move on to the next destination.

Well that was that, from PJ Hilton!