18 March, 2010

Where art thou, O Rain?

Switching on the TV, I see heavy snow in New York & Korea.
In Malaysia, the country is baking hot! Arrgghhh!
Papers have reported that the unfortunate dry spell may prolong till May 2010. Its now only March and we have like 2 more months more to go. Rivers in East Malaysia and certain parts in the Peninsular gradually drying up. 

This is worrying.

My plants have been watered regularly to avoid it from being burnt  by the punishing sun and unbearable heat. So far, the bamboos have been holding up. The humans? well, we have been turning on the air con like 2nd nature. just not good.                                             
Time to do the rain dance...

17 March, 2010


The Centre for handicap children of Taman Megah are going on air today!
Tuning in on the Breakfast Show, on ntv7 this morning. Hope Mr Tham does well to speak up for the centre. They are doing a charity fund and they have big plans for their building fund which cost more than RM3 million.

Fighting and all the best!!


15 March, 2010

MSPaint mania

My initial attempt at drawing using mspaint.



Can't wait to watch Alice in Wonderland...in 3D!

wow! Had a treat from sis when I watched Avatar. 
Watched it @ GCS 1 Utama. 
It was expensive like mad! RM18 per tix. 
but once in a while is a treat.
so, I don't mind. haha!