15 February, 2011

A Little Something for the Ears

Here's a little something i wrote to share what i went to see yesterday on Valentine's Day 14 Feb 2011. Al Andalus rocks !!

Many thanks to my sister for getting us the tix to watch this wonderful ensemble headed by Tarik & Julia Banzi @ MPO. There was a special performance from a professional flamenco dancer to top off the creme-de-la-creme for that wonderful night.


Into the silent dark trooped in our musicians,
Dressed in their finest ready with their renditions,
Warm light emerges, a lonely Oud sounds,
The ney, flute, guitar, violin then resounds.

Rhythm picks up, the tempo hastens,
A strong voice is heard as the beat quickens,
In strides our dancer fully dressed and all,
She strikes a pose, such beauty, so tall.

Cleverly they weave the Andalusian tunes,
Imagine them as twirling dervishes and dunes,
They burst into flamenco such rigor & awe,
What heartful poetry, that you wanna see somemore.

Bravo, encore! the hall fills with applauses,
Impressive notes, with beautiful & meaningful pauses,
Snip snap, click clack goes our dancer in heels,
Muy buena, increible! Al Andalus truly thrills.