21 August, 2010

Funicular Updates

We have new pix on the new developments along the funicular railway tracks which are currently being replaced with new ones to accomodate the new models that arrived yesterday Aug 21. as always, pictures courtesy from Star online, coming right up...

Apparently the old tracks will be reused in the new buildings planned for hawker centres along Penang Hill. 
wow, all these updates! 

I feel excited already man...

can't wait to go this year end....hehe :o)

Furniculars, Binoculars...

Ok, binoculars has nothing to do with the article, but i thought its a great rhyming word haha!
Two new funicular trains have just arrive at the foot of  Penang Hill from Port Klang, its ready to be wheeled unto the famous Penang Hill tracks!

Check out the pix below:

Coming all the way from Switzerland, this new train is able to take up 50 over passengers each coach up and down the hill, without any interchange at middle station.

It can travel non-stop and it takes only 10 minutes from the foot of the hill all the way to the top.

This 63 mil upgrade project is set to transport up to 1,000 passengers per hour rather than the usual 250 previously.

Here it is on your right the new Penang funicular.....
Woo hoo!!

Looking good there. Apparently there are still wooden seats in keeping of the Penang Hill heritage where the old funiculars were completely made out of wood. 

Lots of wide windows to allow lots of scenic view on the way up or down. During cases of emergency, the train is able to glide gently to a secured stop when lines are cut or if there are landlsides,  fallen trees or branches.

After ceasing operations last Feb 22, 2010; the 87 year old funicular system will finally have a new lease of life in November. Now its on for testing. 

Looking forward to the new Penang Hill experience. Yeeahhh!!

** Pictures courtesy from Star Online. Thanks Star :)

18 August, 2010

Raya Bonus

Today's news reported that Guan Eng made a milestone today by offering RM400 to every single civil servant (yes, that's right... government officers) as a Raya incentive, one-off to encourage moral support and work performance at Penang state government level on September 3rd, 2010.

Though they had faced certain setbacks in tapering off subsidies and funds to support their government projects (due to obvious reasons), giving up is not an option.

He is not resting his case just yet. Somehow this reminds of my Kuan Yew abit...

A little direct in his approach; which may bring certain dissatisfaction & non-constructive criticisms from across the straits...but nonetheless on lighter note - absolute joy & enthusiasm to many!

Good for you folks...

.........  Go Penang, Go!

Wow, unto greatness..!

Imagine you living in squalid conditions, complaining about the unreliable transport, the horrible jam, while at the same time, you love to death certain corners of this place we call city, as we could get everything and sometimes anything under the sun, but pine for things original since we sometimes too conscientiously complain how everything here is fake, "celup" and whathaveyou when it comes to food...

...and then, its gonna be called "Greater KL".


Municipal Hall, ministers and developers have ambitious plans to buff up and further improve the existing infrastructure, living, economic, social, transport, blah blah blah that KL, Ampang, Selayang, Subang, Shah Alam, Klang Putraya (& Cyberjaya of course) plus Sepang currently is now to a more modern, stylised livable city - literally extending what we call the "Golden Triangle" to the Greater KL, apparently emulating other "greats" like Greater Toronto and Greater London.

Target: 2020

Talk about wawasan 2020 ... hehe!  we'll see when that day comes. Another decade from now.

wanna buy a house now for a place in Greater KL?

**image courtesy from Star Online. Thanks Star! 

Things Chinese

Found an interesting website today.
Talks about chinese entertainment scene in China to a banana folk like me :o)
Makes an interesting intro to how chinese entertainment works for the Zhongguo ren. 
Since now am into chinese entertainment content creation, i guess this is a taste of what it is like.
but its not all that mature i feel - other Asian countries have gone through some stages of exposure and openness.
Also, can get to learn some Chinese phrases and learn new words in Mandarin too! 
Cool website - recommended for better exposure

...but am just a simple observer here. oh hey! forgot to share about the website.

Observations of peculiarity and cultural intrigues from the Middle Kingdom
its from ........................ (look to the top)

Can't post links here, but here's a shortened version : ... beijingscene.com/v06i009/comrade/comrade.html

Zhai Jian !