15 April, 2010


Recently,  there was a piece of news in the local papers of KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu)'s railwaymen's union who protested over private companies and conglomerates from taking over the main KTM 100 over year old railway station. The century old railway station is currently under the care of the government through the Railway Asset's Corporation.

Apparently, this comes as a part of series of moves from the new management team that took over the railway station a year ago, one of their other proposals being that to launch an electric train service between Seremban & Ipoh via KL under a different private company.

They even wanted to turn the old station into a hotel? 

Looking at what the station is now, is the government really doing anything to even preserve the beauty of the station and bring it back to its former glory? Malaysians have still alot to learn from other nations on how to preserve historical buildings as we seem to take the tidak apa stance and leave it to ruin. Is that how we preserve and honour our heritage?

...nak jaga sejarah, tapi tak ambik inisiatif menjaga artifak sejarah tersebut!

No wonder other private companies are all eyeing this building to commercialise it. I say its time budget is allocated to make our Malaysian railways proud again rather than omong kosong or continue to grumble and merungut about how dilapidated and waste of resources our station is slowly digressing.

Do something now, or there's no point regretting about.

13 April, 2010



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