12 August, 2013

Smitten Amidst the Namoo

Railway Traveller heads off to an interesting place in Publika, Solaris Dutamas on a humid Tuesday evening to celebrate a colleague's farewell.

Going for that fusion feel by its very name, its Namoo (or tree in Korean Hanguk speak), Korean dessert cafe n bistro on The Park, this restaurant with its eclectic decor blends in the Korean with a hint of western in many of its desserts and traditional dishes where you can find familiar ingredients like rice, beef slices to die for, red bean, citron fruit; added with a dash of tacos, served with salads and drizzled in dressings and sauces to tantalise your senses.

True to the Asian spirit of sharing, dishes ordered went on rotation between friends so we can sample different dishes.

 If you love rice, then Bibi Rice burger is an interesting option. Something like MOS burger for those who are acquainted with the Singaporean brand, except that you have fried egg, with grilled chicken and grilled rice. more like a quick bento lunch on the go, aye?

If you feel like you wanna have more salads, but with more scrumptious bits and pieces of heavenly beef, then don't resist the urge for Taco Bulgogi beef.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

It's rolled...
It's leafy...
It's convincingly healthy... in a subtle way.

This dish comes with a nice bowl of the all familiar kim chi, and another accompanying salad with dressing. Your needs for carb is addressed with crispy chips to crinkle your senses as you munch those juicy tacos. 

For those who crave for something creamy and milky, then there's the White Cream Omuto - you can go with either the chicken or prawn option. Wrapped chicken with rice rolled in omelette then served in white cream sauce. Very interesting fusion! Trying to get the smooth taste at the first bite, with hidden meat and egg textures. 

For those who dare not tread the path of the adventurous fusion can go for  the Hot Stone Bibimbap, which is equally not bad. In a shop that has the affinity for fusion food, you can still find good traditional Korean dishes like this one to keep you sanely Korean. Nice!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- 

When meals are done, your tummy's full,
With plates licked clean and bowls are empty,
Then i saw this dish that made me drool,
A nice cool finish that satisfies completely.

We had a selection of 3 different kinds as we ended our evening with nice dessert.

The desserts we had here came with adorable servings of ice cream. Talk about serving it up with an ice cream "on top"!

 Right most is the Hottuk pancake that has this deceivingly fluffy-like whip cream twirled and sitting on banana slices with the Korean pancake as the base. The first pancake bite is crispy with spongy consistency, but as you much through, it gets interesting with a slight hint of a "tapai" aftertaste . Goes well with the banana slices and peanut honey drizzled cream on top.

For cake lovers, you can try Namoo's chocolate banana cake. I believe it was the cake of the day. But the "pièce de résistance" is that middle picture... "Sweet Potato Cake" For some, it might be like eating mash potato. I like to look at it as savouring tender cake slices of sweet tangy feeling with a hint of potato aftertaste that crinkles with every bite. A nice touch to savour this is with of course is the ice cream serving that comes with it.

The waiter awaits
Food adventure soon over
Drink to make it last...

Desserts anywhere goes well with a nice pipping hot drink. I like the first option which was the Yuza tea (top) Its a tangy citron served hot. Then there's the sweet potato latte that puts an interesting spin on a latte drink. Don't have a heavy meal with this one, its bound to be feeling

Then there's also the cinnamon punch with dried Korean persimmon. Slightly strong on the cinnamon with bits and pieces of fruit. Fascinating drink to try is all I can tell you.

A lovely farewell meal for our Railway Traveller's friend so dear. Something to remember us by I hope.

An Asian taste with a bit of slang, 
Perched in a corner that's not so dark, 
Seoul comes to you with a western twang,
Smitten by namoo as you cross this park.

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Railway traveller's log 

namoo korean dessert cafe n bistro on the park
Publika, Level G3, Lot 4A , Solaris dutamas No.1 , Jalan Dutamas 1 , 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
03-6411 6698