17 December, 2010

New Plant

Found out the name for the beautiful creeper vine plant that we commonly call it money plant.
Its not money plant actually.

The botanical name is Epiprenum aureum or correctly Golden Pothos, Devil's Ivy, Silver Vine, jade plant. It is a type of liana that grows rapidly and quickly on the ground, on the trees anywhere else that it can climb on.

1. Damn easy to grow. also very easy to cultivate and multiply/transplant. just cut a few stems that come with roots and plant in a well aerated pot of soil or rocks, hanging or on the ground and water sparingly.
2. The lesser exposure the sun, the more green and bigger the leaves. but totally no sun, leaves will be pale/brown.
3. more exposure to sun, the more yellow it'll be, and smaller the leaves.
4. Easy to grow, very resistant to long periods of drought. Ideal for busy people like me!
5. Good for air circulation and health if planted indoors. Coolness maximus!!

What are you waiting for? 
Go plant some golden pothos now!